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Bic Lighter Review
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I need someone to call me immediately. I have been using BIC lighters and only BIC lighters for many many years now. Today I was leaving work, sat in my car, and lit my cigarette. Your light exploded in my hands, literally BLEW UP! As soon as I flicked my BIC a gigantic fire ball came from the lighter. It was like something out of a movie, prob one of the scariest things I have ever expiernced. Leaving me with a burnt hair line, burnt off what... Read more

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  • Apr 16
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recently I've bought several pack of bic lighters they've not last no more than two weeks per lighter they used to last about 3 months what's happened

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Bic lighters in Sierra Vista
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OK!!! Now, I and several people I know within the city of Sierra Vista Az. have experienced an on going dilemma in concern to EMPTY ... VERY EMPTY lighters either at purchase or next day, without even had used them at all !! More to the mystery is that the price of these can vary as per merchant by even $1.25 and that when I confront the merchants that I thought were price gouging they tell me that the vender sets that price accordingly and... Read more

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Brand new pen, stored properly with tip retracted, in pencil case. Take pen out, click to expose tip, ink goes all over. Made claim for damaged clothing (not an inexpensive piece of clothing), and the company said their quality team inspected the pen and guessed that it was stored with the tip exposed in the pencil case, and that it has to be stored with the tip retracted. While they couldn't prove that the ink the pencil case was the ink from... Read more

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They definitely leak, and below is response from BIC!! Please warn business travelers!! Ink got all over my paperwork and the shirt I was wearing! BIC response is don't use them. Sharpies DO NOT Leak!! Liquid ink pens may leak on an airplane due to the change of air pressure in the cabin. This increased pressure may force ink out of the pen and cause leakage. A suggestion would be to use either a ballpoint pen or a pen that specifically... Read more

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